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Harbor Crossing 2011 - by Erwan


Crossing the Harbor


Swimmers of the archipelago, affiliate or not to the CNSP, will participate to the swim race (fins, mask and snorkel) across the harbor this Saturday, September 3.
While some persons collects numerous victories, as Anne Feat (5 wins) or Bernard Briand (3 wins), and the best swimmers have reached fifteen minutes, the spirit of this event remains friendly.
This is an opportunity for the club to spread its audience for a day, and have a good time, first in water, then around a festive BBQ.

Winning is an objective for many participants, as in any sporting event, but the spirit of club members is that everyone can finish the race, no matter the chronometer, the most important thing is to take part. That's why the floats are authorised. Of course, they will not allow to perform, but their users will want to show a state of mind rather than their physical shape.

All info here

As usual, if weather won't be clement, the crossing will be postponed for 24 hours.



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Wrecks - by Erwan



First film made with the Gagnan-Cousteau SCUBA  in 1943, first movie shot underwater, 62 meters deep. Second movie directed by Three Mousquemers: Cousteau, Dumas and Tailliez.

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Flashback Scuba - by Erwan


Old School


Some people collect old bowls and let rust corrode it on a lost shelf in an old barn. Others repairs and use it. In Tacoma, Wash., Flashback Scuba is dedicated to the conservation of old equipment, with a particular interest in matters related to Cousteau's epic like: the GC45, the post-disco silver suits, helmets with headlights , tri and quad-other bottles, the blocks keeled ... But the Heavy Feet are not forgotten in this cave of Ali Baba.
Their exhibition is presented on demand :

18.jpg 21.jpg
Photo David Haas Photo Ray Spence
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Deepsea under the pole... - by Erwan


Tonic & Invigorating !


Who said that water is cold in SPM ?

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Terre-neuvas - by Erwan


" Hale, boëtte et tends "
Loic Josse, bookseller in St. Malo, describes life aboard boats of great fishing near newfoundland. His approach is mainly based on interviews with the last witnesses of that era, and the use of private archives, including shipowners.

After a brief historical overview and a reminder of the different types of fisheries, he attempts to present in detail the conduct of a campaign on the banks of Newfoundland. The world socio-economic cod fishery is discussed to provide a comprehensive picture of the challenges of this activity to both local economy and society. Indeed the life of the region is punctuated by this activity.

The iconography abundant and high quality is often composed of unpublished documents from private collections (maps, photographs, documents), some from Saint-Pierre & Miquelon, and drawings of the illustrator Maurice Pommier, who reconstruct the world of an activity which has marked entire generations.

de 1900 à 1950

Loïc Josse
Drawings Maurice Pommier
447 pages
ISBN : 978-2-7234-7904-2

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From deep to Eternity - by Erwan


Do you like latex suits?
Here is a picture clearly polysemic. I discussed the evolution of cultural codes in the preceding article. In this case, we must still admit that today wearing a latex suit does not put you in the category of hard adventurers. Even with a snorkel as a penis sheath. And I prefer not talking about the way to stay front of the camera, like a cheap aryan...

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