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Terre-neuvas (Books)


" Hale, boëtte et tends "
Loic Josse, bookseller in St. Malo, describes life aboard boats of great fishing near newfoundland. His approach is mainly based on interviews with the last witnesses of that era, and the use of private archives, including shipowners.

After a brief historical overview and a reminder of the different types of fisheries, he attempts to present in detail the conduct of a campaign on the banks of Newfoundland. The world socio-economic cod fishery is discussed to provide a comprehensive picture of the challenges of this activity to both local economy and society. Indeed the life of the region is punctuated by this activity.

The iconography abundant and high quality is often composed of unpublished documents from private collections (maps, photographs, documents), some from Saint-Pierre & Miquelon, and drawings of the illustrator Maurice Pommier, who reconstruct the world of an activity which has marked entire generations.

de 1900 à 1950

Loïc Josse
Drawings Maurice Pommier
447 pages
ISBN : 978-2-7234-7904-2