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Harbor Crossing 2011 - by Erwan


Crossing the Harbor


Swimmers of the archipelago, affiliate or not to the CNSP, will participate to the swim race (fins, mask and snorkel) across the harbor this Saturday, September 3.
While some persons collects numerous victories, as Anne Feat (5 wins) or Bernard Briand (3 wins), and the best swimmers have reached fifteen minutes, the spirit of this event remains friendly.
This is an opportunity for the club to spread its audience for a day, and have a good time, first in water, then around a festive BBQ.

Winning is an objective for many participants, as in any sporting event, but the spirit of club members is that everyone can finish the race, no matter the chronometer, the most important thing is to take part. That's why the floats are authorised. Of course, they will not allow to perform, but their users will want to show a state of mind rather than their physical shape.

All info here

As usual, if weather won't be clement, the crossing will be postponed for 24 hours.



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